Varvara, Mosha
Varvara, MoshaToronto
Volodya, thanks a lot for the warm atmosphere in Artex in any weather! And this is human warmth! We realize how difficult it is to create “such weather under this roof”. There are many nice places and comfortable resorts in Ontario but Artex is the only one!
And thanks again for your hospitality.
Hi, guys! Above the traditional THANK YOU I would like to say that no advertising, no web sites could reflect the real beauty of your place and the true warm relationship in Artex. I’m a publisher and a journalist. And I promise you to use the whole spectrum of my professional and personal opportunities to tell the people what the rest in Artex is! Once again Thanks a Lot!
VadimOwner VMedia Inc.
For seven years I’m coming to Artex at any weather with great pleasure. When the people say “Mother Nature has no bad weather” – this is about Artex! True Russian sauna, karaoke, meeting new friends and guitar songs impress everybody. Driving through the Algoqnuin Park in the Fall is a real fairy tale. Thanks for your being, thanks for the vacation and thanks for your unique personality. Thank you Volodya!
Valentina and Sasha
Valentina and SashaToronto
Three unforgettable Days! Two unforgettable Nights! Thanks to Artex – it’s great gift! We started feeling young again!
Sincerely yours, Valentina & Sasha
January 9, 2017
Alexander Belov
Alexander BelovToronto
Volodya, thanks for the great arrangement of the New Year Holidays. We’re for the first time in Artex. Of course there’re a lot of comfortable places for the vacation, but we never experienced such hospitality before!

With best regards, Alexander Belov
January 2, 2017

Thanks to Artex for gorgeous Birthday Party! I missed the forest, this silence and fresh air. Thanks for outstanding Sauna and full tranquility – this is real bliss! Thanks for the evening of the Russian Songs

October 29, 2016

Volodya, thanks a lot! It’s really worm at your place – no! – at our place! I came for the first time to Artex and we became as one family during these days…
Unbelievable atmosphere of kindness and harmony!
My dear, thank you so much that you give yourself to the people so easily and gratuitously!
Volodya! There are no words left … My sole is inside out…I need to go to work in the evening – but I don’t want!!!